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How To Serve Los Angeles Police Department Subpoena For Employee Records

The other day I wrote an article titled, How To Serve A Subpoena For Employee Records During Divorce where I gave an overview of the procedure for serving a subpoena to obtain employee records such as payroll information.

This article is a more specific look at serving a subpoena for employee records for an employee of the Los Angeles Police Department.   The reason I decided to write an article about this is due the length of time you may spend trying to find out where to serve your subpoena.

When you serve a subpoena on an employer there is usually a specific person that needs to be served in order for the subpoena to be considered served properly.  Serve it wrong and the employer may have cause not to produce the documents you are requesting.

Normally, you can check with the Secretary of State website to find out who you need to serve.  However, with the Los Angeles Police Department, they have a specific division where you need to serve your subpoena for employee records.  When serving a subpoena for employee records on an LAPD employee, you need to serve the Discovery Unit.

I had the opportunity to help a client and serve a subpoena on the Discovery Unit of LAPD recently.  It took about half an hour to finally get the answer of where and who to serve the subpoena on.  It took calling about 10 different LAPD departments before I tracked down the right department.  When serving a subpoena for employee records for an LAPD employee, you need to contact their Discovery Unit.

The discovery unit handles all the subpoena requests for employee records.  When you submit your subpoena, make sure to include a check for $15.00 which they charge to produce the documents.  This is in addition to any fees they may charge for making copies of the documents you are requesting.

If you need to serve a subpoena for employee records on an LAPD employee, SCV Legal Doc Assist can help you navigate the City of Los Angeles’s Discovery Unit and obtain the employee records to are looking to obtain.

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